1. not conventional; not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.


The unconventional leader was formed to address the shortfall of leadership and resilience support available to all sectors. The world is operating in an unconventional way and our leaders and people need to be able to adapt to their environment using skills that are not learned conventionally.


After years of learning from experience about the highs and lows of leadership and resilience; with hands on training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, being tested on the battlefields of Afghanistan and challenged in the workplaces of Australia, I found there was a distinct lack of understanding and time spent developing current and emerging leaders within the workplace.​

William Gooderson

Founder of Unconventional Leader

"Effective leaders are made not born. They learn from trial, error and from experience".

Colin Powell


William provides leadership and resilience workshops, executive coaching and keynotes, in both physical and virtual environments.


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Read articles relating to leadership and resilience that offer insights, tips and examples to support your ongoing personal and professional development.



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